Past, Present and Future of Drosophila Research

The Cambridge Fly Symposium will be held on 28th January 2019 in Wolfson College, Cambridge, UK.


The Cambridge Fly Symposium 2019 is organised by the Cambridge Fly Club, an initiative aiming to unite all Drosophila scientists in Cambridge (UK). It brings together scientists from around 40 research groups from world leading institutes and departments in Cambridge. We organise several events every year to maintain a positive dynamic within this friendly and collaborative scientific community.

This year, we organise for the very first time a Symposium for the Cambridge Fly Community on 28th January 2019, titled “Past, Present and Future of Drosophila Research.” The Symposium will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the initial publication of the GAL4/UAS System in Drosophila. This system has been nicknamed ‘the geneticist’s Swiss army knife’ and was developed by Andrea Brand and Norbert Perrimon in 1993. Andrea Brand, now group leader at the WT/CRUK Gurdon Institute, will present the keynote lecture at the Symposium, making this event a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the history behind the development of this powerful technique.

The Symposium will be an excellent opportunity to meet other Drosophila scientists from all over Cambridge. There will be several talks and workshops covering a broad range of biological topics and techniques prevalent in the Drosophila field (see Speakers). Moreover, we will have a discussion panel during which the community will be able to discuss about the future and challenges of Drosophila research. The symposium will close with a screening of The Fly Room.

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